Our Vision and Core Values

Our work at QII is vital in the success of every project. Our scope of work drives the time schedule of every project; hence we keep our tasks in timely manner and adhere to the project schedule at all times. Our work shapes the appearance of building structures and depicts the Architect's aesthetic vision of the project so it is very important we strictly follow the projects plans and specifications.

The roots of QII is now running 20 years deep and we continue to strive to be in the cutting edge in the development and application of drywall, acoustical, plaster, paint/flooring/special coating, metal panels and terracotta systems at all times.

Our Core Values define our integrity and our relationship with everyone that we do business with. Integrity and reputation are fundamental to our success. QII Management provides guidance for our employees to maintain the highest standards of ethical and legal practices in the industry. Our philosophy is that Quality Interiors, Inc. complies with all laws and regulations and adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Our Core Values are:

INTEGRITY - respectful, cooperative, timely, dependable, and trustworthy.

QUALITY - our finished work are per specifications and at the highest level possible

SAFETY - our primary objective at all times is the safety of our employees, clients, and the people in and around our work area

Our dedicated employees take the greatest pride in their work. Our quality of work is unparalleled. We always bring innovative thinking to the jobsite, it's how we continually meet deadlines and surpass expectations.


Drywall/Acoustic/Plaster/Terracotta/Paint/VWC/Special Coatings

Address: 3745 N Kitley Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46226
Tel: 317.713.7050
Fax: 317.713.7055